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  • Awesome Comic!

    By CouchCutter
    You can tell he is highly influenced by Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, which is an awesome thing!
  • Stop reading this review.

    By bigg├╝ber
    Stop reading these reviews, there's no point. Yes, it really is that good. Now stop stalling and read the Sandman series.
  • Fantastic, in the purest sense of the word.

    By NaviPari86
    Great art and a spellbinding story unlike anything you have ever read. An extraordinary literary and artistic achievement. This is my favorite Gaiman work.
  • Beautifully written

    By dgg1975
    Vertigo's best graphic novel, hands down.
  • Amazing

    By EmilySlrzn
    Everything he writes is amazing, and this is no exception.
  • Simply amazing

    By T-1000
    Surpassed only by Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns, this could be my favorite graphic novel of all-time. Grade: A+
  • Violence and Misogyny

    By Yo! Loco!
    I'm a fan of classic graphic novels from the '80s and '90s. The Sandman has great art, but Neil Gaiman is a horrible writer whose default is sadism and gore. His misogyny is obvious and shameful. The violence towards, and torture of, female charicatures is grotesque. My daughters love comics and graphic novels. But I was ashamed that they might stumble across this on my iPad. I deleted it, and Apple was kind enough to refund my money. Although it would probably only get PG-13 for blood and guts, it should be NC-17 for sexism and sadism.
  • Mindblowing

    By Suriyan69
    The Sandman opened my mind up to a whole new world.
  • No words describe

    By bo0m3rrr
    These books are some of the best ever...insanely deep. A must own.